A partial list of biomedical models in veterinary medicine

A partial list of biomedical models in veterinary medicine
animal disease (model) animal affected human counterpart disease
Cardiovascular system diseases
hereditary lymphedema dog Milroy disease
elevated blood pressure mouse hypertension
atherosclerosis swine atherosclerosis
periarteritis nodosa cattle periarteritis nodosa
dissecting aneurysms turkey aneurysm
high-altitude disease cattle right ventricular hypertrophy
endocardial fibroelastosis dog endocardial fibroelastosis
heart failure dog congestive heart failure
congenital lymphatic edema swine lymphatic edema
Endocrine system diseases
diabetes mellitus Chinese hamster diabetes mellitus
antidiuretic-hormone deficiency mouse diabetes insipidus
polyuria Chinese hamster diabetes insipidus
congenital goitre cattle goitre
adrenal cortical hypertrophy dog hyperadrenocorticism
Snell's dwarf mouse thyrotropin deficiency
adenohypophyseal aplasia cattle adenohypophyseal aplasia
hyperinsulinism dog hyperinsulinism
familial "adiposity" mouse obesity
acetonemia cattle ketosis
early senility Syrian hamster aging
Gastrointestinal system diseases
esophageal achalasia dog achalasia
cleft palate horse cleft palate
gastric ulcer swine gastric ulcer
regional ileitis swine regional ileitis
granulomatosis colitis boxer dog ulcerative colitis
acute hemorrhagic colitis rabbit hemorrhagic colitis
megacolon mouse megacolon
pancreatitis dog pancreatitis
Liver diseases
viral hepatitis subhuman primate viral hepatitis
serum hepatitis horse transfusion hepatitis
Dubin-Johnson syndrome sheep Dubin-Johnson syndrome
congenital photosensitivity and hyperbilirubinemia Southdown sheep Gilbert syndrome
nonhemolytic hyperbilirubinemia rat Crigler-Najjar syndrome
pigmentary liver disease howler monkey hepatocellular melanosis
hepatorenal syndrome dog hepatorenal syndrome
hepatic coma horse hepatic coma
glycogen-storage syndrome dog von Gierke syndrome
Lantana camara poisoning sheep kwashiorkor
pyrrolizidine plant alkaloids cattle veno-occlusive disease
Hemopoietic system diseases
congenital erythrocytic porphyria (recessive) cattle congenital erythrocytic porphyria
congenital porphyria (dominant) cat erythrocytic porphyria
hereditary leukomelanopathy mink Chediak-Higashi syndrome
Pelger-Huët anomaly cattle Pelger-Huët anomaly
cyclic neutropenia dog cyclic neutropenia
Aleutian disease mink multiple myeloma
abnormal lipid in lymphoid tumours mouse Niemann-Pick disease
viral leukemia cat lymphocytic leukemia
multiple myeloma dog multiple myeloma
bialbuminemia swine bialbuminemia
hemophilia (factor VIII) dog hemophilia
factor VII deficiency dog factor VII deficiency
hemophilia-B-like disease dog Christmas disease
Hertwig's anemia mouse macrocytic anemia
malaria penguin malaria
in vitro sickling of erythrocytes deer sickle-cell anemia
Muscle diseases
hereditary muscular dystrophy chicken muscular dystrophy
polymyopathy Syrian hamster muscular dystrophy
muscular dysgenesis mouse prenatal muscle degeneration
nutritional muscular dystrophy sheep muscular dystrophy
paralytic myoglobinuria horse paroxysmal myoglobinuria
myoclonia congenita swine myotonia congenita
Nervous system diseases
cerebellar hypoplasia cat cerebellar hypoplasia
Nigropallidal encephalomalacia horse Parkinson disease
hydrocephalus rabbit hydrocephalus
leukoencephalosis mouse dystrophy of white matter
globoid leukodystrophy dog globoid leukodystrophy
grand-mal seizures gerbil epilepsy
lipodystrophy dog familial amaurotic idiocy
Scotty cramps dog neurogenic muscular cramps
milk fever cattle hypocalcemia
trembler mutation mouse tremours
hereditary ataxia calf ataxia
congenital myotonia goat myotonia
Eye and ear diseases
hereditary deafness cat deafness
cochlear degeneration mouse cochlear degeneration
hypoplasia of organ of Corti dog hypoplasia of organ of Corti
hereditary glaucoma rabbit glaucoma
inherited cataract cattle cataract
hereditary iridal heterochromia cattle iridal heterochromia
congenital retinal dysplasia dog retinal dysplasia
retinal dystrophy mouse pigmented retina
diabetic microaneurysms dog diabetic microaneurysms
Reproductive system diseases
toxemia of pregnancy guinea pig toxemia of pregnancy
prolonged gestation cattle prolonged gestation
uterine cystic hyperplasia mouse uterine cystic hyperplasia
prostatic hyperplasia canine prostatitis
cryptorchidism swine cryptorchidism
Respiratory system diseases
acute pulmonary emphysema cattle pulmonary emphysema
chronic pulmonary emphysema horse pulmonary emphysema
pulmonary adenomatosis cattle adenomatosis
pneumonia dog Hecht pneumonia
induced lung tumours mouse lung tumours
Skeletal system diseases
osteodystrophy primate fibrous osteodystrophy
familial osteoporosis dog osteogenesis imperfecti
senile osteoporosis mouse senile osteoporosis
achondroplasia rabbit dwarfism
intervertebral-disk syndrome dog disk luxation
hip dysplasia dog acetabular dysplasia
clubfoot mouse clubfoot
Skin diseases
baldness, male pattern stumptail macaque baldness, male pattern
albinism mouse albinism
genetic hypotrichosis cattle hypotrichosis
hyperkeratosis cattle hyperkeratosis
cutis hyperelastica dog Ehlers-Danlos disease
seborrheic dermatitis dog seborrheic dermatitis
impetigo dog impetigo
milia dog milia
Urinary system diseases
diabetes insipidus mouse diabetes insipidus
cystinuria blotched genet cystinuria
chronic interstitial nephritis dog uremia
cystic or absent kidneys rat cystic kidneys
renal amyloidosis mouse renal amyloidosis
cloisonné kidneys goat renal hemosiderosis
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