Common metamorphic minerals as a function of pressure, temperature, and protolith composition

Common metamorphic minerals as a function of pressure, temperature, and protolith composition*
protolith high P/low T medium P and T low P/high T
shale, mudstone (pelitic) paragonite, muscovite muscovite, paragonite muscovite
kyanite chlorite biotite
Mg-chloritoid biotite andalusite, sillimanite
Mg-carpholite chloritoid cordierite
jadeite garnet plagioclase
chlorite staurolite orthopyroxene
pyrope garnet andalusite, kyanite, sillimanite microcline, sanidine
talc plagioclase mullite
coesite alkali feldspar spinel
cordierite tridymite
limestone, dolostone, marl (calcareous) aragonite calcite wollastonite
magnesite dolomite grossular garnet
lawsonite tremolite diopside
zoisite diopside plagioclase
jadeite epidote, clinozoisite vesuvianite
talc grossular garnet clinozoisite
granite, granodiorite, arkose (felsic) jadeite plagioclase plagioclase
paragonite alkali feldspar alkali feldspar
muscovite sillimanite
biotite cordierite
basalt, andesite (mafic) glaucophane plagioclase plagioclase
lawsonite chlorite biotite
garnet biotite garnet
omphacite garnet hornblende
epidote epidote diopside
albite actinolite
chlorite hornblende
*Quartz may be present in all categories. Minor phases such as oxides and sulfides have been omitted.
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