Yürük rug

Yürük also spelled  Yörük 
 floor covering handwoven by nomadic people in various parts of Anatolia. The Balıkesir Yürük rugs of western Anatolia have diagonal patterns and a maze of latch-hook motifs carried out in brick red and dark blue with touches of ivory. They may be reminiscent of and sometimes confused with Baluchi rugs (Baluchi rug).

      Rugs from eastern Anatolia, many of them Kurdish rugs but classed as Yürük, show a wide range of rich and unusual colour shades. Their hexagonal and lozenge patterns are frequently sharpened by the rug's construction, the knots being tied in such a manner (offset) as to produce diagonal rather than vertical rows. The small prayer rugs (prayer rug) are nondescript in design and often dismissed as “Anatolian.” As with other nomadic rugs, the wool is apt to be more glossy than that in town products and the pile longer and more recumbent, owing to the use of more shoots of weft between the rows.

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