Yucatec Maya

      Middle American Indians of the Yucatán Peninsula in eastern Mexico. The Yucatec were participants in the Maya civilization, whose calendar, architecture, and hieroglyphic writing marked them as a highly civilized people. Modern Yucatec range from groups highly conservative of their culture to groups almost completely acculturated to modern life. About 50 percent speak Mayan, and about 10 percent speak only Mayan. Many acculturated Yucatec live in Spanish-style towns and participate in the henequen-fibre industry. More traditional people live in hamlets or villages and raise corn (maize), beans, squash, chilies, yams, and other vegetables. They live in thatched houses and keep pigs and chickens. Farming techniques consist of slash-and-burn clearing and cultivation with digging sticks, hoes, and machetes. See also Maya.

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