Wrangel, Ferdinand Petrovich

▪ Russian explorer
Russian  Ferdinand Petrovich Vrangel  
born Jan. 9, 1797, [Dec. 29, 1796, Old Style], Pskov, Russia
died June 6 [May 25], 1870, Tartu, Estonia, Russian Empire

      Russian explorer who completed the mapping of the northeastern coast of Siberia (1820–24). Wrangel Island off the Siberian coast was named in his honour.

      Graduating from the Russian naval academy in 1815, Wrangel sailed around the world in the sloop Kamchatka under V.M. Golovnin (1817–19). After his explorations in Siberia he led another expedition around the world in the sloop Krotky (1825–27). He was governor of the Russian settlements in America (1829–35), director of the Russian American Company (1840–49), and naval minister (1855–57), retiring in 1864. A member of the St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences, he helped found the Russian Geographical Society.

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