wet gas

      natural mixture of hydrocarbons (hydrocarbon) that may be gaseous or both liquid and gaseous in the reservoir and that contains an appreciable proportion of compounds heavier than ethane (e.g., propane or butane) that are condensable when brought to the surface. Such gases usually are characterized by the volume or weight of the condensables contained in a given volume of total gas produced. This figure, computed for volumes at 15° C (59° F) and 750 mm of mercury, is usually expressed either in gallons per 1,000 cubic feet or in grams per cubic metre; for a gas to be classified as wet, it must contain more than 0.3 gallon of condensables per 1,000 cubic feet of gas. The condensables are recovered, the propane being marketed as liquefied petroleum gas and the heavier hydrocarbons being made into gasoline. Compare dry gas.

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