vocal sac

▪ amphibian anatomy
  the sound-resonating throat pouch of male frogs (frog) and toads (toad) (amphibians (amphibian) of the order Anura). Vocal sacs are outpocketings of the floor of the mouth, or buccal cavity. Frogs display three basic types of vocal sacs: a single median throat sac, paired throat sacs, and paired lateral sacs. (Lateral sacs are located just rearward of the angle of the jaw on each side of the head.) All three types, whether single or paired, open into the buccal cavity by paired slits. Each slit is located on either side of the base of the tongue.

      A calling frog typically inflates his sac or sacs prior to calling or simultaneously with the production of the first call. The sac is inflated with air from the lungs (lung). If another call is forthcoming and the male frog is not in the process of calling, air is still held in the sac. Sound is produced by a controlled rush of air through the larynx and across its vocal cords (vocal cord). The resulting sound vibrations are amplified by the resonating qualities of the vocal sac or sacs. Unlike vocalization processes of many other vertebrates (vertebrate), frogs broadcast sound without expelling air. Air does not exit the mouth; rather, it cycles back and forth between the buccal cavity and lungs.

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