Vinci, Leonardo

▪ Italian composer
born 1690, Strongoli, Kingdom of Naples [Italy]
died May 27, 1730, Naples

      Italian composer who was one of the originators of the Neapolitan style of opera; along with Nicola Porpora, his followers included Giovanni Battista Pergolesi and Johann Adolph Hasse.

      Vinci's first known work was a comic opera in the Neapolitan dialect, Lo cecato fauzo (1719; “The False Blind Man”). He served as chapelmaster to the prince of Sansevero and in 1725 received a conductorship of the royal chapel at Naples, a post he held until his death. His earliest extant serious opera, Silla dittatore (1723; “Silla the Dictator”), inaugurated a series of about 40 operas, most written for Naples but some for Rome. Arias from his operas were published in London in 1758 under the title Collection of Songs. In addition to his operas, Vinci also composed oratorios, masses, and motets.

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