See autochthonism.

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  • autochthonous — autochthonism, autochthony, n. autochthonously, adv. autochthonousness, n. /aw tok theuh neuhs/, adj. 1. pertaining to autochthons; aboriginal; indigenous (opposed to heterochthonous). 2. Pathol. a. found in the part of the body in whic …   Universalium

  • autochthon — [ô täk′thən] n. pl. autochthons or autochthones [ô täk′thə nēz΄] [Gr autochthōn, sprung from the land itself < autos, self + chthōn, earth: see HOMAGE] 1. any of the earliest known inhabitants of a place; aborigine 2. any indigenous animal or… …   English World dictionary

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