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(Tamil),Sanskrit  Uttara-kalārya,  

      one of two Hindu subsects of the Śrīvaiṣṇava, the other being the Teṉkalai. Though the two groups use both Sanskrit and Tamil scriptures, the Vaḍakalai relies more on Sanskrit texts, such as the Vedas (earliest sacred scriptures of India), the Upaniṣads (early religiophilosophic texts), and the religious poem the Bhagavadgītā. Their main point of disagreement, however, is on the question of God's grace. The Vaḍakalai contend that some effort is required on the part of the devotee who seeks deliverance, and they use as an example the baby monkey, which, when carried, holds fast to its mother. Its theory is thus called markaṭa-nyāya (the analogy of the monkey). The performance of religious duties is also expected. The two groups also hold different views about Vishnu's consort, Śrī (Lakṣmī). The Vaḍakalai believe that she is indistinguishable from the Lord and can grant the grace necessary for spiritual liberation.

      The Vaḍakalai are referred to as the northern school (as opposed to the southern school, the Teṉkalai) because their main centre is in Mysore. Their most important teacher was Vedāntadeśika, also known as Veṅkaṭanātha, who lived sometime during the late 14th century. See also Teṉkalai. (Teṉkalai)

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