▪ political organization, Angola
byname of  National Union for the Total Independence of Angola , Portuguese  União Nacional para a Independência Total de Angola 

      Angolan political party that was originally founded to free the nation from Portuguese colonial rule.

      UNITA was organized in 1966 by elements formerly associated with the National Front for the Liberation of Angola (FNLA) and the Popular Union of Angola, the latter led by Jonas Savimbi (Savimbi, Jonas), who became the leader of UNITA. Its support lay largely with the Ovimbundu and Chokwe ethnic groups in central and southern Angola. At first the party had a Maoist stance, but it later adopted an anti-left stance when it began cooperating with Portuguese officials against the Soviet-supported Popular Movement for the Liberation of Angola (MPLA). A coup in Portugal in 1974 (Portugal) caused the Portuguese to quickly end their colonial involvement in Angola. The MPLA announced the independent People's Republic of Angola in November 1975, and Cuban-supported Angolan troops began an offensive against the FNLA and UNITA early the next year.

      Although the FNLA quickly dropped out of the ensuing struggle, UNITA continued to battle the MPLA and cast itself as an anticommunist guerrilla movement, receiving the support of South Africa and the United States. By 1988, however, South African and Cuban troops had been withdrawn from Angola, and the stage was set to resolve hostilities. The MPLA showed its willingness to negotiate with UNITA by releasing hundreds of UNITA detainees and by accepting UNITA's demand for a multiparty system. Talks in Lisbon led in May 1991 to an agreement that provided for a cease-fire, demobilization of troops, and democratic elections. Despite the presence of international observers who declared the September 1992 elections to be generally fair, UNITA claimed widespread fraud and continued the armed struggle. Another agreement, the Lusaka Accord, was signed in 1994, but Savimbi fought on, buoyed by the revenue he received from the smuggling of diamonds.

      In September 1998 Savimbi faced opposition from within UNITA when a group calling itself UNITA-Renavado (UNITA-Renewal; UNITA-R) suspended him and became the self-declared leadership of the party. Yet another division occurred soon after, and from that point UNITA was split into three factions, with the government and the Southern African Development Community recognizing UNITA-R as the official representatives of UNITA. Despite professed interest by both the government and Savimbi in resolving the conflict, fighting continued throughout 2001 and into 2002. After Savimbi was killed by government troops in February 2002, a cautious optimism began to prevail. In April 2002 UNITA officials and the Angolan government signed an agreement to end hostilities, bringing to a close 27 years of civil war. Some UNITA troops were absorbed into the Angolan army, but the majority returned to civilian life. The three factions reunified, and UNITA transformed itself into a political party. Isaias Samakuva was elected president of UNITA in June 2003.

      UNITA fielded candidates in the September 2008 parliamentary elections (the first since 1992), which the MPLA largely swept. Although there were reports of fraud and intimidation, the elections were deemed valid by international observers. UNITA initially challenged some of the results but soon accepted the MPLA victory.

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