Tupolev Tu-144

▪ Soviet aircraft
      world's first supersonic transport aircraft, designed by the veteran Soviet aircraft designer Andrey N. Tupolev (Tupolev, Andrey Nikolayevich) and his son Alexey. It was test-flown in December 1968, exceeded the speed of sound in June 1969, and was first publicly shown in Moscow in May 1970. In its production model the Tu-144 was 65.7 metres (215.6 feet) in length, with a wingspan of 28.8 metres (94.5 feet). Its normal cruising speed was up to Mach (Mach number) 2.2, more than twice the speed of sound. Among its notable features were the “double-delta” swept-back wings, the “moustache” foreplanes that pivoted out from the fuselage just aft of the flight deck to improve flight characteristics during takeoff and landing, and the nose section that could be “drooped” downward to improve the crew's line of vision during takeoff and landing.

      The aircraft had an inauspicious start when the first production Tu-144 crashed at the 1973 Paris Air Show. The aircraft was put into commercial service on the Moscow–Alma Ata route, flying mail (1975) and then passengers (1978), but the planes were pulled from service following another crash in 1978. Later models continued to fly as test beds for the technology of supersonic flight.

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