Trikoúpis, Kharílaos

▪ Greek statesman
born July 23, 1832, Návplion, Greece
died April 11, 1896, Cannes, Fr.

      statesman who sought with limited success to foster broad-scale national development in Greece during the last quarter of the 19th century. Together with a rival, Theódoros Dhiliyiánnis (Dhiliyiánnis, Theódoros) (q.v.), he dominated Greek politics during this period.

      Trikoúpis studied literature and law in Athens and Paris before entering the Greek diplomatic service. In 1862 he represented the Greek community of London at the Constituent Assembly in Athens; elected to the Chamber of Deputies in 1865, he was appointed foreign minister the next year.

      Trikoúpis sought to develop resources and an industrial base for Greece and to create a strong army and navy. He was prime minister for short periods in 1875, 1878, and 1880, but his periods in office were too short to implement his ideas. He became prime minister for the fourth time in March 1882 and immediately strove to strengthen Greek finances.

      His party was defeated in the general election of April 1885, and Dhiliyiánnis replaced him. In May 1886 Trikoúpis was once again appointed prime minister. His development projects were generally successful, but his skill at financial management was not enough, and Greece could not pay the large debts left by the Dhiliyiánnis government. Despite these problems, Trikoúpis retained the confidence of the people and of King George (George I). Even after his party suffered a defeat in the general election of 1890, the king reappointed him prime minister in 1892, following the dismissal of Dhiliyiánnis for alleged incompetence. Trikoúpis served from June 1892 to May 1893 and again from November 1893 to January 1895. In the 1890s he fostered a Balkan rapprochement. After defeat in the general election of 1895, he retired to private life.

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