Theodorus Lector

▪ Greek historian
English Theodore The Reader
flourished 6th century

      Greek church historian, author of two significant epitomes of Byzantine history correlating data from leading 5th-century chroniclers, and constituting an essential source for events of that complex period. Its incorporation into a later Latin account provided the Western world with its basic knowledge of the Eastern church and empire.

      Holding the office of anagnōstēs, or reader, at the basilica of Hagia Sophia (Holy Wisdom), Constantinople, Theodorus, from 520 to 530, composed his first chronicle, the Eklogē ek tōn ekklēsiastikōn historiōn (“Selections from Histories of the Church”), best known by its Latin title Historia tripartita because it derived from three separate 5th-century chronicles, those of Socrates Scholasticus, Sozomen, and Theodoret of Cyrrhus. The Eklogē recounts in four books the fortunes of the church from 313, early in the reign of the emperor Constantine the Great, to the year 439, in the reign of the emperor Theodosius II. Theodorus' method was to select, from the three narratives, one that he judged superior in style, noting the parallel readings in the margin and indicating any distinctions among them. This comparative evaluation of the chronicles continues to have historical importance, providing evidence for the textual history of each narrative.

      Applying information from other civil and ecclesiastical records, Theodorus continued the Eklogē in a “Church History” of his own from the death of Theodosius II in 450 up to the accession of the emperor Justin I (518). Only excerpts from the work remain, preserved in later chronicles, in the theologically important tract “On Sacred Images” by the 8th-century advocate of religious art John of Damascus, and in the acts (787) of the second Council of Nicaea that condemned the Iconoclast (image destroyers) movement.

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