terms of trade

      relationship between the prices at which a country sells its exports and the prices paid for its imports. If the prices of a country's exports rise relative to the prices of its imports, one says that its terms of trade have moved in a favourable direction, because, in effect, it now receives more imports for each unit of goods exported. The terms of trade, which depend on the world supply of and demand for the goods involved, indicate how the gains from international trade will be distributed among trading countries. The concept is also applied to different sectors within an economy (e.g., agricultural and manufacturing sectors).

      An abrupt change in a country's terms of trade (e.g., a drastic fall in the price of a primary product that is a country's main export) can cause serious balance-of-payments (balance of payments) problems if the country depends on the foreign exchange earned by its exports to pay for the import of its manufactured goods and capital equipment.

      Many theories have been postulated to explain movements in the terms of trade, but none of them is really confirmed by close examination of trade statistics. One long-held belief was that the terms of trade tended to move against less-developed countries because their exports consisted chiefly of primary products (such as coffee or rubber) while their imports largely comprised manufactured and, consequently, more-expensive goods from developed countries. More-recent studies have examined what effects labour inflows (through immigration) and capital inflows (through foreign investment) might have on a country's terms of trade.

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