Stafford, Thomas P.

▪ American astronaut
in full  Thomas Patten Stafford 
born Sept. 17, 1930, Weatherford, Okla., U.S.
 American astronaut who flew two Gemini rendezvous missions (1965–66) and commanded the Apollo 10 (Apollo program) mission (1969)—the final test of Apollo systems before the first manned landing on the Moon—as well as the Apollo spacecraft that docked with a Soviet Soyuz craft in space in 1975.

      A graduate (1952) of the U.S. Naval Academy, Annapolis, Md., Stafford transferred to the Air Force and studied at the Air Force Experimental Flight Test School. Stafford was Walter M. Schirra's copilot on the Gemini 6 (Gemini) mission, launched Dec. 15, 1965. Their rendezvous with the previously launched Gemini 7 (Gemini) was the world's first successful space rendezvous. On June 3, 1966, Eugene A. Cernan and command pilot Stafford were launched into space in Gemini 9. Stafford performed three rendezvous with a target vehicle, but a protective covering on the target had failed to detach, preventing docking.

      Apollo 10, manned by Stafford, Cernan, and John W. Young, was launched on May 18, 1969. Three days later the spacecraft attained lunar orbit. The flight rehearsed every phase of a Moon landing except the landing itself. Cernan and Stafford descended in the Lunar Module to within 9.5 miles (15 km) of the Moon's surface. Apollo 10 completed 31 orbits of the Moon before returning to Earth, landing in the Pacific Ocean on May 26.

      Stafford resigned from the space program in 1975 to become commander of the Air Force Flight Test Center, Edwards Air Force Base, California. In 1978 he was promoted to lieutenant general and became Air Force Deputy Chief of Staff for Research and Development, stationed in Washington, D.C. After retiring from the Air Force in 1979, he became an executive of a transportation company in Oklahoma.

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