Somoza Debayle, Anastasio

▪ president of Nicaragua
byname  Tachito Somoza  
born Dec. 5, 1925, León, Nicaragua
died Sept. 17, 1980, Asunción, Paraguay

      third member of the Somoza dynasty to be president of Nicaragua (1967–79), who was also commander in chief of the armed forces.

      A West Point graduate, Anastasio Somoza rose rapidly to power in the Nicaraguan military establishment during his father's (1933–56) and brother's (1956–63) presidencies. As head of the National Guard he assisted the United States in the Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba and in the 1965 Dominican Republic intervention. Somoza was prevented by law from being president directly after his brother, so in the intervening years (1963–67) until he could run, Nicaragua was ruled by puppets. During his first term as president, Somoza promoted health and education programs and agricultural and industrial modernization, improving the country's economic position and raising the per capita income by 8 percent.

      He stepped down from office in 1972 but with the devastation caused by the 1972 earthquake, Somoza put himself back in power. He was reelected in 1974 after repealing the constitutional ban on consecutive terms and prohibiting all but the two major parties from participating in elections. Most of his second term was conducted under martial law, in response to active opposition to his strong-arm tactics by the Cuban-backed Sandinistas (Sandinista). Somoza's administration continued to achieve improvements in agrarian reform, peasant welfare, economic progress, and foreign relations, but its failure to resolve the problems of unequal distribution of income and the rebuilding of Managua, which was still a shambles five years after the 1972 earthquake, caused growing unrest. Meanwhile, the Somoza family was reputed to be worth $500 million and to own or control 50 percent of Nicaragua's land, causing great resentment. By 1977 guerrilla activity was pervasive and the National Guard was accused of retaliating with wholesale torture, rape, and murder. In all, the Sandinista insurrection claimed about 50,000 lives.

      A fervent anti-Communist, Somoza, as in the case of his father and brother, had enjoyed unwavering support from the U.S. government. However, Pres. Jimmy Carter (Carter, Jimmy) withdrew U.S. support (which Somoza blamed for his downfall) and the Conservative Party and the Sandinistas demanded Somoza's resignation. He resigned July 17, 1979. In 1979 Somoza fled before Sandinista forces and went first to Miami, then The Bahamas, and finally Paraguay, where he was assassinated in exile in September 1980.

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