Sejarah Melayu

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      one of the finest literary and historical works in the Malay language. Concerning the Malaccan sultanate (Malacca, sultanate of), it was composed sometime in the 15th or 16th century. The original text, written prior to 1536, underwent changes in 1612, ordered by Sultan Abdullah Maayah Shah. Only manuscripts of this modified version survive.

      The main theme of this work was to laud the greatness and superiority of the Malaccan state, which had been founded about 1400. Although the Sejarah Melayu mentions only one date, events described in it can be verified by other historical sources. The Sejarah Melayu consists of a collection of stories, not historically connected, focusing on the activities of the Malaccan sultans, their courts, and government officials. In addition, foreign rulers were also described, as were Malacca's foreign relations and its importance as a regional trading centre. A noteworthy omission was the absence of any mention of peasant life. The Sejarah Melayu is significant for its well-written narrative and characterization of personalities, and it is also an important historical source about Malacca and the Malay world prior to Malacca's defeat by the Portuguese in 1511.

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