Savery, William

▪ American cabinetmaker
born 1721
died May 1787, Philadelphia, Pa., U.S.

      American cabinetmaker who was an important member of the group of Philadelphia craftsmen working in the Chippendale style during the 18th century.

      Savery's work ranged from plain chairs to carved chests, with early pieces showing the influence of the Queen Anne style. The bulk of his production, however, was in the Chippendale style. It is probable that, like many other cabinetmakers, he constructed the furniture pieces himself but left the embellishment to the woodcarvers for whom Philadelphia was known.

      Early in the 1900s the discovery of Savery's label on a carved lowboy in the collection of the Manor House at Van Cortlandt Park in New York led authorities to attribute similar pieces to him. About 20 other pieces bearing his label were eventually found, and Savery was for a time considered the outstanding member of the Philadelphia group. Later investigations, however, indicated that other Philadelphia cabinetmakers, producing work of equal quality, were responsible for many pieces originally attributed to him.

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