Saragat, Giuseppe

▪ president of Italy
born Sept. 12, 1898, Turin, Italy
died June 11, 1988, Rome

      statesman and founder of the Socialist Party of Italian Workers (PSLI), who held many ministerial posts from 1944 to 1964, when he became president of the Italian Republic (1964–71).

      A University of Turin graduate in economics and commerce, Saragat joined the Socialist Party in 1922. An opponent of the Fascists, he was exiled by them from 1926 to 1943; upon returning to Rome in that year, he was arrested by Nazi occupation authorities but later escaped.

      Saragat was minister without portfolio in the first post-liberation cabinet of Ivanoe Bonomi, in 1944, and then was ambassador to Paris (1945–46). In 1946 he was elected president of the Constitutional Assembly, which drafted postwar Italy's constitution.

      At the Socialist Party Congress in 1947, Saragat opposed the idea of unity with the Communist Party and led those who walked out to form the PSLI. Shortly thereafter, he was invited to be vice-premier under Alcide De Gasperi (December 1947–May 1948). Elected to the Chamber of Deputies (April 1948), he again became vice-premier and minister of the merchant marine, but he resigned (October 1949) to devote himself to his party. It changed its name to the Italian Social Democratic Party (PSDI) in 1951 in an effort to reaffirm its independence from the Communists and the other leftist socialist group.

      From 1954 to 1957 Saragat again served as vice-premier but resigned in opposition to the government's position on NATO. About this time, he suggested the idea of an “opening to the left,” a coalition government including the leftist socialists.

      Saragat was minister of foreign affairs in the cabinet of Antonio Segni in 1959–60 but resigned, causing the downfall of the government. In 1963 he campaigned against nuclear power stations in Italy as an unnecessary extravagance. Later that year he was once more minister of foreign affairs, under Aldo Moro, and saw the opening to the left materialize. He served until late 1964, when he succeeded Antonio Segni as president (a largely ceremonial and arbitral post). He resigned the presidency in 1971; in 1976 he became secretary of his old party, the PSDI.

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