Russian-American Company

▪ Russian company
Russian  Rossiysko-amerikanskaya Kompaniya,  

      Russian trading monopoly that established colonies in North America (primarily in California and Alaska) during the 19th century. The Northeastern Company, headed by the merchants Grigory I. Shelikov and Ivan I. Golikov, was organized in 1781 to establish colonies on the North American coast and carry on the fur trade. After Shelikov's death (1795), the group merged with three others to form the United American Company. To confront foreign activity more effectively, the Russian tsar Paul I approved the formation of a monopoly, and all other companies were absorbed into United American. With the support of Shelikov's son-in-law, the nobleman Nikolay P. Rezanov (Rezanov, Nikolay Petrovich), the organization was granted a 20-year charter in 1799 and was renamed the Russian-American Company. The tsar gave them exclusive trading rights in North America north of latitude 55° and made them responsible for the administration of Russian settlements there. Aleksandr A. Baranov directed company operations in America from Kikhtak (now Kodiak Island) from 1791 onward before establishing Novo-Arkhangelsk (New Archangel, now Sitka, Alaska, U.S.) as the new headquarters in 1804. In 1812 a company outpost was settled at Fort Ross in present-day California. Agreements with the United States, Spain, and Great Britain (c. 1824) confirmed the company's control of North American territory north of 54°40′; but, after commercial and political rivalries with Great Britain increased and revenues from the colonies decreased, Russia decided to sell its holdings in America and refused to renew the company's charter, which expired in 1862.

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