I. Au·gus·tine1 (ôʹgə-stēn', ô-gŭsʹtĭn), Saint. A.D. 354-430.
Early Christian church father and philosopher who served (396-430) as the bishop of Hippo (in present-day Algeria). Through such writings as the autobiographical Confessions (397) and the voluminous City of God (413-426), he profoundly influenced Christianity, arguing against Manicheanism and Donatism and helping to establish the doctrine of original sin.
  II. Au·gus·tine2 (ôʹgə-stēn', ô-gŭsʹtĭn) also Aus·tin (ôʹstən), Saint Called “Apostle of the English.” Died c. 604.
Italian-born missionary and prelate who introduced Christianity to southern Britain and in 598 was ordained as the first archbishop of Canterbury.

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