Qalāʾūn complex

▪ architectural complex, Cairo, Egypt
also spelled  Qalāwūn 

      building complex, including a mausoleum, a madrasah, and a hospital, built in 1283–85 on the site of present-day Cairo by the fifth Mamlūk sultan, Qalāʾūn. The hospital, now in ruins, was one of the most remarkable buildings of the Mamlūk era. The mausoleum and madrasah both open from a central corridor. The madrasah has a unique three-part basilica-like eyvān, or vaulted niche, on the richly carved qiblah side (the wall facing Mecca) and a smaller eyvān opposite. Residential cells for scholars occupy the other sides of the madrasah. A small atrium with a fine carved stucco facade leads into the square space of the richly decorated mausoleum, where pink granite columns are topped by arches supporting a dome that was probably originally wooden. Rounded horseshoe arches, uncommon at this period, are used throughout the complex.

      The outside facades of the buildings are decorated with vertical, flat-backed, arched recesses giving the look of a Norman church. Coloured glass windows are set in the recesses, and the walls are topped with crenellation and covered with sculpted geometric designs.

      An adjacent royal mosque was erected in 1318 by Sultan al-Nasir Muhammad as a location where the sultans of Cairo could perform their Friday prayers. It is a hypostyle mosque and is unique among other Mamlūk mosques because the bases of its two minarets are below the level of the roof, a result of heightening of the walls and rebuilding of the roof in 1335.

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