Middle American Indians of southern Puebla state in central Mexico (not to be confused with the Popoluca of southern Mexico). The Popoloca language is most closely related to Ixcatec and Chocho and to Mazatec, all spoken nearby in northern Oaxaca state. The territory of the Popoloca is mostly flat and dry; vegetation is the semidesert type. The people are farmers, growing corn (maize) and black beans as staples, supplemented by grains and fruit. Settlements are loosely congregated around village centres; houses are typically built of vertically placed poles or of lumber, with thatched roofs. A few are built of mud blocks. Characteristic crafts are ceramics and palm-fibre weaving; a limited amount of textile weaving is also done. Traditional costume has almost entirely disappeared, replaced by commercially made clothing.

      Religion is Roman Catholic, with few remaining pagan elements. Belief in witchcraft persists, and there are fertility rituals. The social institution of the compadrazgo, or godparent ritual, is widespread and occurs in several forms. The godparent takes economic responsibility for the baptismal ceremony of the godchildren.

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