also called  (until 1920) Akow,  

      shih (municipality) and seat of P'ing-tung hsien (county), southwestern Taiwan. It is located 13 miles (21 km) northeast of Kao-hsiung city, in the southern part of the western plain. Founded in the early 18th century, the city is situated west of the Kao-p'ing River. It is in an agricultural region that produces sugarcane, rice, bananas, tobacco, and fruits. P'ing-tung city is one of Taiwan's leading sugar-refining centres. Other industrial products include metal goods, machinery, chemicals, and alcoholic beverages. The South Link railway connects P'ing-tung city with the cities of T'ai-tung to the east and Kao-hsiung to the west; the city is connected by highway with O-luan-pi on the southern tip of the island. P'ing-tung city is the seat of the National P'ing-tung Polytechnic Institute (founded 1954) and has junior colleges for teacher training, pharmacology, nursing, and technology. The San-ti-men Bridge is about 9 miles (14 km) northeast of the city. Pop. (1993 est.) 213,309.

      southernmost hsien (county) of Taiwan. It is bordered by Kao-hsiung hsien (northwest), T'ai-tung hsien (northeast), and by the Luzon Strait (southwest). The Central Range (Chung-yang Range) (2,300–10,000 feet [700–3,000 m] above sea level) is the source of the Hsia-tan, Kao-p'ing, and Wu-lo rivers and extends over the southeastern part of the region. Sugarcane, paddy rice, sweet potatoes, tobacco, bananas, and pineapples are grown in the irrigated, alluvial coastal plains of the county. P'ing-tung hsien is the centre of sugar refining in Taiwan. Its industries manufacture metal goods, machinery, and chemicals and produce alcoholic beverages and canned food. P'ing-tung city, the administrative seat, has a large military base. The Tropical Botanical Forest Park at Heng-ch'un covers an area of 100 acres (40 hectares) and has one of the largest experimental forests in Southeast Asia. A 126-square-mile (326-square-kilometre) area in the Heng-ch'un Peninsula was designated in 1982 as Taiwan's first national park (K'enting National Park) and includes the largest forest vacation area in southern Taiwan. The Haucha model aborigine village is at Wu-t'ai. The San-ti-men Bridge on the Wu-lo River is in the north, and the ancient Shih-men Battlefield and the O-luan-pi Lighthouse (built 1882), one of the largest in Southeast Asia, are in the south. Area 1,072 square miles (2,776 square km). Pop. (1993 est.) 902,788.

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