Pike, Kenneth L.

▪ American linguist
in full  Kenneth Lee Pike 
born June 9, 1912, Woodstock, Connecticut, U.S.
died December 31, 2000, Dallas, Texas

      American linguist and anthropologist known for his studies of the aboriginal languages of Mexico, Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, New Guinea, Java, Ghana, Nigeria, Australia, Nepal, and the Philippines. He was also the originator of tagmemics.

      Pike studied theology at Gordon College (B.A., 1933) and in 1935 joined an organization dedicated to linguistic study of little-known, unwritten languages, as an ancillary to Bible translation; the group later evolved into the Summer Institute of Linguistics, and Pike served as its first president (1942–79). In the mid-1930s Pike journeyed to Mexico to study the Mixtec language, and the experience helped launch his career in linguistics. In 1942 he received a Ph.D. from the University of Michigan, where he later taught (1948–77) and served (1975–77) as chairman of the school's linguistics department.

      Tagmemics is an outgrowth of Bloomfieldian immediate constituent analysis and of Pike's own general theory of human behaviour, described in his Language in Relation to a Unified Theory of the Structure of Human Behavior, 3 vol. (1954–60; 2nd ed. 1967). The tagmeme is a unit comprising a function (for example, a subject) and a class of items fulfilling that function (e.g., nouns). It is most suitable in describing languages (such as the Central and South American languages to which it has mostly been applied) in which a number of different classes can fulfill the same function or in which the same class can fulfill many functions. Tagmemics is also known as string constituent analysis and differs, in part, from Bloomfieldian linguistics in that semantic as well as syntactic function is used in identifying tagmemes. Pike later applied tagmemics to matrix of field theory and English rhetoric.

      In addition to his work in tagmemics, Pike has done research in phonology and is the author of Intonation of American English (1945); co-editor of Tone Systems of Tibeto-Burman Languages of Nepal, Parts I–IV (1970); and co-author of Grammatical Analysis (1977) and Songs of Fun and Faith (1977). Selections from his work were published in Selected Writings in 1972.

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