Petlyura, Symon

▪ Ukrainian social leader
in full  Symon Vasylevych Petlyura,  Petlyura also spelled  Petliura 
born May 10, 1879, Poltava, Ukraine, Russian Empire
died May 25, 1926, Paris, France

      socialist leader of Ukraine's unsuccessful fight for independence following the Russian revolutions of 1917.

      One of the founders of the Ukrainian Social-Democratic Workers' Party in 1905, Petlyura published two socialist weekly newspapers before the onset of World War I, when he became an officer in the Russian army (1914). After the imperial government of Russia was overthrown by the February Revolution (1917), he joined the Ukrainian Central Rada (“council”), which proclaimed Ukraine to be an autonomous republic (June 1917); and in July he was appointed secretary of military affairs for the newly formed governing council.

      Soon thereafter, however, the Germans occupied Ukraine and established a puppet government. When the Germans withdrew at the end of the war, Petlyura assumed a leading role in Ukraine's movement for independence, heading the five-member directorate of the Rada, becoming ataman (“commander in chief”) of the Ukrainian army, and seizing power from the German regime.

      Petlyura's government then had to confront hostile Soviet Russian armies as well as forces of the anti-Bolshevik White Russians. When the White armies, which had occupied Ukraine and replaced Petlyura's government at the end of 1918, withdrew in the autumn of 1919, Ukraine fell under Soviet authority.

      To overthrow the Soviet regime, Petlyura concluded a treaty of alliance with Józef Piłsudski, head of the Polish state, in April 1920 and supported the Poles in their war against Soviet Russia ( Russo-Polish War of 1919–20). Although the Poles repulsed the Soviet army, they were unable to secure independence for Ukraine when they concluded the Treaty of Riga with the Bolsheviks (March 18, 1921).

      Ukraine subsequently remained under Soviet control, and Petlyura, after spending some months in Warsaw, moved with his government to Paris, where, several years later, he was fatally shot by Shalom Schwartzbard, in revenge for the deaths of Jews during pogroms staged by members of Petlyura's army.

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