Perhimpunan Indonesia

▪ political organization, Indonesia
English  Indonesian Union 

      an Indonesian students' organization in The Netherlands, formed in the early 1920s, which provided a source of intellectual leadership for the Indonesian nationalist movement. This association originated in 1908 as the Indische Vereeniging (Indies Association), which changed its name to the Indonesische Vereeniging (Indonesian Association) in 1922 as Indonesian nationalism developed. It became known as the Perhimpunan Indonesia in 1924 and was the vanguard of the Indonesian nationalist movement, advocating national independence from the Dutch.

      The Perhimpunan Indonesia was the first political organization to use the term Indonesia in its name. It was influenced by socialist ideas and by Gandhi's principle of nonviolent civil disobedience. When the members of this association returned to Indonesia, they were active in study clubs and eventually in political parties. Two prominent figures were Raden Sutomo and Mohammad Hatta.

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