Pegolotti, Francesco Balducci

▪ Italian author
flourished 1315–40, Florence [Italy]

      Florentine mercantile agent best known as the author of the Pratica della mercatura (“Practice of Marketing”), which provides an excellent picture of trade and travel in his day.

      Pegolotti was a commercial agent in the service of the mercantile house of the wealthy and powerful Bardi family of Florence, and he visited Antwerp, Brabant (now in Belgium), in about 1315–17, London in 1317, and Cyprus in 1324–27. He again visited Cyprus in 1335, obtaining trading privileges for the Florentines from Little Armenia (now in Turkey). Compiled between 1335 and 1343, the Pratica begins with a kind of glossary of foreign terms then in use for all kinds of taxes or payments on merchandise as well as entries for “every kind of place where goods might be bought or sold in cities.” The work next describes some of the chief trade routes of the 14th century and many of the principal markets then known to Italian merchants; the imports, exports, and business customs of important commercial regions; and the comparative value of the leading moneys, weights, and measures. There is one manuscript of the Pratica in the Riccardian Library, Florence. The most interesting sections of the work appeared in English translation in Sir Henry Yule's Cathay and the Way Thither (vol. 2, 1866).

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