Ōtomo Yakamochi

▪ Japanese poet
also called  Ōtomo no Yakamochi 
born 718?, Nara, Japan
died Oct. 5, 785, Michinoku, northern Honshū

      Japanese poet and the compiler of the Man'yōshū (Man'yō-shū).

      Born into a family known for having supplied personal guards to the imperial family, Yakamochi became in 745 the governor of Etchū province, on the coast of the Sea of Japan (East Sea). Although he had been composing poetry throughout his life, he was intensely productive during his five years in Etchū and produced some of his best work there. His last datable poem is from 759; no works can be dated to the last 26 years of his life, a period during which he was likely preoccupied with compiling the Man'yōshū, the greatest imperial anthology of Japanese poetry. He contributed some 10 percent of the poems in the Man'yōshū.

      Yakamochi's poetry is often compared with that of Kakinomoto Hitomaro and Yamanoue Okura, two of the major poets whose work also appears in the Man'yōshū, although Yakamochi is rarely thought to match either. His poetry's subject matter ranges widely from the personal to the public and is throughout tinged with melancholy.

Additional Reading
Paula Doe, A Warbler's Song in the Dusk: The Life and Work of Ōtomo Yakamochi (718–785) (1982).

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