Osborne, John

▪ British playwright and screenwriter
in full  John James Osborne  
born Dec. 12, 1929, London, Eng.
died Dec. 24, 1994, Shropshire
 British playwright and film producer whose Look Back in Anger (performed 1956) ushered in a new movement in British drama and made him known as the first of the “Angry Young Men” (Angry Young Men) (q.v.).

      The son of a commercial artist and a barmaid, Osborne used insurance money from his father's death in 1941 for a boarding- school education at Belmont College, Devon. He hated it and left after striking the headmaster. He went home to his mother in London and briefly tried trade journalism until a job tutoring a touring company of juvenile actors introduced him to the theatre. He was soon acting himself, later becoming an actor-manager for various repertory companies in provincial towns and also trying his hand at playwriting. His first play, The Devil Inside Him, was written in 1950 with his friend and mentor Stella Linden, an actress and one of Osborne's first passions.

      Osborne made his first appearance as a London actor in 1956, the same year that Look Back in Anger was produced by the English Stage Company. Although the form of the play was not revolutionary, its content was unexpected. On stage for the first time were the 20- to 30-year-olds of Great Britain who had not participated in World War II and found its aftermath shabby and lacking in promise. The hero, Jimmy Porter, although the son of a worker, has, through the state educational system, reached an uncomfortably marginal position on the border of the middle class from which he can see the traditional possessors of privilege holding the better jobs and threatening his upward climb. Jimmy Porter continues to work in a street-market and vents his rage on his middle-class wife and her middle-class friend. No solution is proposed for Porter's frustrations, but Osborne makes the audience feel them acutely.

      Osborne's next play, The Entertainer (1957), projects a vision of a contemporary Britain diminished from its days of self-confidence. Its hero is a failing comedian, and Osborne uses the decline of the music-hall tradition as a metaphor for the decline of a nation's vitality. In 1958 Osborne and director Tony Richardson founded Woodfall Film Productions, which produced motion pictures of Look Back in Anger (1959), The Entertainer (1959), and, from a filmscript by Osborne that won an Academy Award, Tom Jones (1963), based on the novel by Henry Fielding.

      Luther (1961), an epic play about the Reformation leader, again showed Osborne's ability to create an actably rebellious central figure. His two Plays for England (1962) include The Blood of the Bambergs, a satire on royalty, and Under Plain Cover, a study of an incestuous couple playing games of dominance and submission.

      The tirade of Jimmy Porter is resumed in a different key by a frustrated solicitor in Osborne's Inadmissible Evidence (1964). A Patriot for Me (1965) portrays a homosexual Austrian officer in the period before World War I, based on the story of Alfred Redl, and shows Osborne's interests in the decline of empire and the perils of the nonconformist. West of Suez (1971) revealed a measure of sympathy for a type of British colonizer whose day has waned and antipathy for his ideological opponents, who are made to appear confused and neurotic. Osborne's last play, Déjàvu (1992), a sequel to Look Back in Anger, revisits Jimmy Porter after a 35-year interval.

      As revealed in the first installment of Osborne's autobiography, A Better Class of Person (1981), much of the fire in Look Back in Anger was drawn from Osborne's own early experience. In it he attacks the mediocrity of lower-middle-class English life personified by his mother, whom he hated, and discusses his volatile temperament. The second part of his autobiography appeared in 1991 under the title Almost a Gentleman. Osborne was married five times.

      Having come to the stage initially as an actor, Osborne achieved note for his skill in providing actable roles. He is also significant for restoring the tirade—or passionately scathing speech—to a high place among dramatic elements. Most significantly, however, he reoriented British drama from well-made plays depicting upper-class life to vigorously realistic drama of contemporary life.

Additional Reading
Herbert Goldstone, Coping with Vulnerability: The Achievement of John Osborne (1982); Arnold P. Hinchliffe, John Osborne (1984).

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