Nouvelle Revue française, La

▪ French review
      leading French review of literature and the other arts. It was founded in February 1909 (after a false start in November 1908) by a group that included André Gide (Gide, André), Jacques Copeau (Copeau, Jacques), and Jean Schlumberger. The NRF's founders wished to emphasize aesthetic issues and to remain independent of any political party or moral or intellectual school. During the period between the two world wars, under the editors Jacques Rivière (Rivière, Jacques) (1919–25) and Jean Paulhan (1925–40), the NRF became France's leading literary journal, publishing works by many notable writers. After the German occupation of France in 1940, Pierre Drieu La Rochelle (Drieu La Rochelle, Pierre) became editor, and the NRF became pro-fascist; it ceased publication in 1943. The review was revived in 1953 as La Nouvelle Nouvelle Revue française, under the direction of Paulhan and Marcel Arland; it resumed its original name in 1959. The publishing house Editions Gallimard was established in 1911 as an offshoot of the NRF.

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