province, north-central South Africa. It was created in 1994 from portions of Transvaal and Cape of Good Hope (Cape Province) provinces. North-West is bounded by Botswana to the north and northwest, Limpopo province to the northeast, Gauteng province to the east, Free State province to the southeast, and Northern Cape province to the southwest. The provincial capital is Mafikeng.

      North-West province occupies the relatively flat interior plateau (Highveld) of southern Africa and stretches from the usually dry Molopo River southward to the Vaal River. Savanna and thornveld country predominate, and there are salt pans in the south. Summers are hot, and precipitation averages 20 inches (500 mm) annually.

      Blacks constitute more than nine-tenths of the population and are mostly rural Tswana-speaking peoples. Whites make up less than one-tenth of the population and mainly speak Afrikaans.

      Corn (maize) and peanuts (groundnuts) are grown throughout the province, and tobacco, wheat, and citrus fruits are raised in the northeast. Cattle and sheep are grazed in large numbers. Mining also plays an important role in the economy. Diamonds, chromite, platinum, and uranium are mined in the province, which forms the western part of the Witwatersrand and contains the Klerksdorp goldfields. The major urban centres in the province are Klerksdorp and Potchefstroom; the latter city has a university. Area 44,911 square miles (116,320 square km). Pop. (2006 est.) 3,374,200.

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