Nishiyama Sōin

▪ Japanese poet
original name  Nishiyama Toyoichi  
born 1605, Higo Province, Japan
died May 5, 1682, Kyōto?

      renga (“linked-verse”) poet of the early Tokugawa period (1603–1867) who founded the Danrin school of haikai poetry. Sōin's haikai (comical renga) became the transition between the light and clever haikai of Matsunaga Teitoku and the more serious and aesthetic haiku of Matsuo Bashō.

      In his youth Sōin was a samurai retainer for a daimyo in Kyushu, but his lord encouraged him to develop his literary talents. In 1622 Sōin went to Kyōto and by 1633 he was a professional renga poet. His interest in haikai was slow to develop, and it was not until 1673 that his first anthology of haikai, Sōin senku (“One Thousand Verses by Sōin”) was published.

      The poems in this volume, although written in the Teitoku style, demonstrated a higher degree of sophistication than the earlier haikai. Young students—including Ihara Saikaku and Okanishi Ichū—who were dissatisfied with the old school flocked to Sōin's Danrin school. His numerous volumes of poetry include Sōin gohyakku (1676; “Five Hundred Verses by Sōin”) and Baiō Sōin hokku shū (1681; “The Collected Hokku [Haiku] of the Plum Old Gentleman Sōin”).

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