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  • Mediatization — Mediatization, defined broadly, is the subsumation of one monarchy into another monarchy in such a way that the ruler of the annexed state keeps his or her sovereign title and, sometimes, a measure of local power. For instance: when a sovereign… …   Wikipedia

  • Mediatization — Me di*at i*za tion, n. [Cf. F. m[ e]diatisation.] The act of mediatizing. [1913 Webster] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • mediatization — noun The act of mediatizing …   Wiktionary

  • mediatization — mediatīzāˈtion or mediatīsāˈtion noun • • • Main Entry: ↑mediate …   Useful english dictionary

  • Mediatization (media) — For princely states, see Mediatization. In communication studies or media studies, ‘mediatization’ or ‘mediatisation’ is a term used to describe a process in which modernity is shaped. (Krotz 2008). It is a process which begins with a change in… …   Wikipedia

  • mediatize — mediatization, n. /mee dee euh tuyz /, v.t., mediatized, mediatizing. to annex (a principality) to another state, while allowing certain rights to its former sovereign. Also, esp. Brit., mediatise. [1820 30; MEDIATE + IZE, modeled on G… …   Universalium

  • Secularization — Sociology …   Wikipedia

  • Neckarsteinach — View from the Hinterburg …   Wikipedia

  • House of Limburg-Stirum — Current Arms of the Counts of Limburg Stirum The house of Limburg Stirum, which adopted its name in the 12th century from the castle of Limburg an der Lenne in what is now Germany, descends from the Ezzonen dynasty in the 9th century, making it… …   Wikipedia

  • Duchess Therese of Mecklenburg-Strelitz — Princess of Thurn and Taxis Therese, Princess of Thurn and Taxis Princess consort of Thurn and Taxis Reign 25 May 1789 – 15 July 1827 …   Wikipedia

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