Montgenèvre Pass

▪ mountain pass, France
French  Col De Montgenèvre,  Italian  Colle Del Monginevro,  

      pass (6,083 ft [1,854 m]) in the Cottian Alps of the Hautes-Alpes département, southeastern France, near the Italian border. Lying 5 mi (8 km) east-northeast of Briançon, Fr., the pass links the river valleys of Dora Riparia, Italy, and Durance, Fr.

      Opened in 77 BC by the Roman general Gnaeus Pompeius Magnus ( Pompey the Great), the pass became the principal route over the Alps into Gallia Comata (Tres Galliae), a Roman province of Gaul. Napoleon built a road across the pass between 1802 and 1807. Until the Treaty of Paris in 1947, Montgenèvre was located on the Italian–French border. The village of Montgenèvre, just west of the pass, is a centre for winter sports.

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