Monro, Alexander, secundus

▪ Scottish physician, anatomist, and educator
born March 10, 1733, Edinburgh
died Oct. 2, 1817, Edinburgh

      physician who, with his father, Alexander primus (1697–1767), and his son, Alexander tertius (1773–1859), played a major role in establishing the University of Edinburgh (Edinburgh, University of) as an international centre of medical teaching. Appointed to the chair of anatomy in 1755, he is considered the finest teacher and anatomist of the three. More active as an investigator and surgeon than either his father or his son, he was first to employ (1767) the stomach pump, to perform paracentesis (surgical puncture of a body cavity in order to drain fluid), and to describe definitively (1783) the interventricular foramen between the lateral ventricles of the brain (known as Monro's foramen; the passage between the lateral and third cavities of the brain). He wrote “Three Treatises on the Brain, the Eye and the Ear” (1797) and Observations on the Structure and Functions of the Nervous System (1783).

      Under the direction (1817–46) of his son, Alexander tertius, the chair's repute degenerated. Although his pupils included many who were to become Britain's most outstanding scientists (such as Sir Humphry Davy (Davy, Sir Humphry, Baronet) and Charles Darwin (Darwin, Charles)), the youngest Monro lectured verbatim from his grandfather's notes. His writings include Outlines of the Anatomy of the Human Body (1813) and Morbid Anatomy of the Brain (1827). See also Monro family.

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