At·tis (ătʹĭs) n. Greek Mythology
A Phrygian man, the consort of Cybele, whom the goddess out of sexual jealousy drove mad, whereupon he castrated himself and died.
  [Greek Attis, of Phrygian origin.]

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Mythical consort of the Great Mother of the Gods and vegetation god worshiped in Phrygia and Asia Minor.

His worship later spread to the Roman empire, where he became a solar deity in the 2nd century AD. The worship of Attis and the Great Mother included the celebration of mysteries at the beginning of spring.

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▪ Phrygian deity
also spelled  Atys,  

      mythical consort of the Great Mother of the Gods (q.v.; classical Cybele, or Agdistis); he was worshipped in Phrygia, Asia Minor, and later throughout the Roman Empire, where he was made a solar deity in the 2nd century AD. The worship of Attis and the Great Mother included the annual celebration of mysteries on the return of the spring season. Attis, like the Great Mother, was probably indigenous to Asia Minor, adopted by the invading Phrygians and blended by them with a mythical character of their own. According to the Phrygian tale, Attis was a beautiful youth born of Nana, the daughter of the river Sangarius, and the hermaphroditic Agdistis. Having become enamoured of Attis, Agdistis struck him with frenzy as he was about to be married, with the result that Attis castrated himself and died. Agdistis in repentance prevailed upon Zeus to grant that the body of the youth should never decay or waste. Other versions also exist, but they all retain the essential etiological feature, the self-castration.

      Attis was fundamentally a vegetation god, and in his self-mutilation, death, and resurrection he represents the fruits of the earth, which die in winter only to rise again in the spring. In art Attis was frequently represented as a youth, with the distinctive Phrygian cap and trousers.

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