Marigny, Enguerrand de

▪ French chamberlain
born 1260, Lyons-la-Forêt, in Normandy, Fr.
died April 11/30, 1315, Paris

      powerful chamberlain to the French king Philip IV the Fair, who depended heavily on Marigny's advice on foreign policy and on relations between king and church. Marigny was described as the man who knew all the king's secrets and who encouraged Philip to make drastic departures from his father's foreign policy.

      At first a courtier, Marigny rose rapidly after 1302. Knighted, and later created Count de Longueville, he became grand chamberlain to the king, was sent to preside over the Norman exchequer in 1306, and subsequently became superintendent of finances and buildings and captain of the Louvre. His power peaked in the years 1313–14, when he was in charge of the royal treasury and of the newer auditing department, the chambre des comptes, imposing on them a unified rule.

      Marigny was generally unpopular, both with the nobility and with the bourgeoisie, and he was associated with the policy of heavy taxation and debasement of the coinage. He also incurred the special enmity of the king's brother, Charles of Valois (Charles III). Charged toward the end of Philip's reign with corruption in his financial administration, Marigny was first cleared and then imprisoned. The new king, Louis X, was inclined merely to banish Marigny; but Charles of Valois then accused the minister of sorcery, and immediate execution was ordered.

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