Manila galleon

▪ Spanish sailing vessel
      Spanish sailing vessel that made an annual round trip (one vessel per year) across the Pacific between Manila, in the Philippines, and Acapulco, in present Mexico, during the period 1565–1815. They were the sole means of communication between Spain and its Philippine colony and served as an economic lifeline for the Spaniards in Manila.

      During the heyday of the galleon trade, Manila became one of the world's great ports, serving as a focus for trade between China and Europe. Though Chinese silk was by far the most important cargo, other exotic goods, such as perfumes, porcelain, cotton fabric (from India), and precious stones, were also transshipped via the galleon. After unloading at Acapulco, this cargo normally yielded a profit of 100–300 percent. On its return voyage, the vessel brought back huge quantities of Mexican silver and church personnel bearing communications from Spain.

      The Spaniards in Manila came to depend on the annual vessel so much that when a ship went down at sea or was captured by English pirates, the colony was plunged into economic depression. The galleon trade had a negative effect on economic development in the Philippines, since virtually all Spanish capital was devoted to speculation in Chinese goods.

      The importance of the trade declined in the late 18th century as other powers began to trade directly with China.

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