Malabarese Catholic Church

      a Chaldean rite church of southern India (Kerala) that united with Rome after the Portuguese colonization of Goa at the end of the 15th century. The Portuguese viewed these Christians of St. Thomas, as they called themselves, as Nestorian heretics, despite their traditional alignment with Rome since about the 6th century. Although the Malabarese formally acknowledged the pope at the Synod of Diamper in 1599, the Portuguese subjected them to intense Latinization. The Malabarese reacted by breaking with Rome in 1653. Only when the Syrian bishop Sebastiani was installed in 1661 did most of the schismatic Malabarese return to the Roman Catholic church. The remainder affiliated with the Syrian Orthodox (Jacobite) patriarch of Antioch.

      The Malabarese Catholics were given administrators separate from those of the Indian Catholics of the Latin rite in 1877 and in 1923 regained their own hierarchy. They use Eastern Syriac as the liturgical language.

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