small quantity of energy corresponding to a specific decrease in magnetic (magnet) strength that travels as a unit through a magnetic substance.

      In a magnetic substance, such as iron, each atom acts as a small individual magnet. These atomic magnets tend to point in the same direction, so that their magnetic fields reinforce each other. When the direction of one atomic magnet is reversed, the total magnetic strength of the group is decreased. A definite amount of energy is required to reverse such a magnet. This energy, involving the decrease in magnetic strength of the group of atoms, constitutes a magnon.

      According to the laws of quantum mechanics, the reversal of a single atomic magnet is equivalent to a partial reversal of all the atomic magnets in a group. This partial reversal spreads through the solid as a wave of discrete energy transferal. This wave is called a spin wave, because the magnetism of each atom is produced by the spin of unpaired electrons in its structure. Thus, a magnon is a quantized spin wave.

      As the temperature of a magnetic substance is increased, its magnetic strength decreases, corresponding to the presence of a large number of magnons.

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