Maetsuyker, Joan

▪ Dutch statesman
born Oct. 14, 1606, Amsterdam, Neth.
died Jan. 4, 1678, Batavia, Dutch East Indies [now Jakarta, Indonesia]

      governor-general of the Dutch East Indies from 1653 to 1678. He directed the transformation of the Dutch East India Company, then at the very height of its power, from a commercial to a territorial power.

      A lawyer practicing in Amsterdam, Maetsuyker was hired by the company as a legal expert and in 1636 was sent to Batavia, where he served on the Council of Justice. In 1642 he wrote the Statutes of Batavia, the code of laws that served the Dutch during the entire period of the company's rule (1602–1867) in the East Indies.

      Appointed governor of Ceylon (now Sri Lanka) in 1648, Maetsuyker paved the way for the elimination of Portuguese power there. In 1651 he was promoted to director general and in 1653 to governor-general of the East Indies, a post that he held longer than any other governor. During that quarter century the Spanish and the Portuguese were finally driven out of the Indies and their territories ceded to the Dutch. Macassar (now Makassar), the Indies' remaining important free port, was conquered and its territories taken over by the Dutch. Maetsuyker also brought most of Sumatra under Dutch supervision.

      In 1674 Maetsuyker intervened in the succession to the throne of the Javanese empire of Mataram, an action that resulted in the territorial expansion of the Dutch on Java and the solid establishment of their power there.

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