Luynes, Charles d'Albert, Duke de

▪ French statesman
born Aug. 5, 1578
died Dec. 15, 1621, Longueville, Fr.

      French statesman who, from 1617 to 1621, dominated the government of young King Louis XIII.

      The son of Honoré d'Albert, Seigneur (lord) de Luynes, he became the king's falconer in 1611. Since Louis was neglected and deprived of political influence by his mother, the queen regent Marie De Médicis, he readily became dependent on the ambitious Luynes. Luynes was already a councillor of state and governor of Amboise when he sponsored the plot that led to the murder of Marie's powerful favourite, the Marquis d'Ancre, on April 24, 1617. The king then exiled his mother to Blois and made Luynes his chief minister. Luynes initiated a rapprochement with England and attempted by diplomacy to establish a balance of power between the Catholic Habsburgs and the Protestants in Germany and Bohemia. In 1619–20 he put down two rebellions of the great nobles led by Marie.

      Meanwhile, Luynes had married (1617) Marie de Rohan-Montbazon, the future Duchess (duchesse) de Chevreuse, whose conspiracies were later to disturb Louis's reign. In 1619 he became Duke de Luynes and governor of Picardy. Despite his military incompetence, he was appointed constable (commander in chief) of France by Louis in March 1621 and launched a campaign against the Huguenot (French Protestant) rebels of southern France. He failed to capture the stronghold of Montauban and died soon thereafter.

      Since he had prevented Richelieu, the ablest of Marie de Médicis' partisans, from becoming a cardinal in January 1621, Richelieu consistently denigrated Luynes in his writings. Although many historians have shared Richelieu's assessment, others have pointed out that the duke's efforts to break the power of the nobility and the Huguenots foreshadowed the policies followed by Richelieu after he became chief minister in 1624.

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