Loango, Kingdom of

▪ historical kingdom, Africa
also called  Brama Kingdom, 

      former African state in the basin of the Kouilou and Niari rivers (now largely in southwestern Congo [Brazzaville]). Founded by the Vili people, (Bavili), probably before 1485, it was one of the oldest and largest kingdoms of the region. By 1600 it was importing ivory and slaves from the interior along well-established trade routes that extended as far inland as Malebo Pool.

      Administration was orderly but decentralized. The men in line for succession to the crown served as provincial governors, rotating provinces in a set sequence each time a king died. Other territorial officials held office for life. By the 18th century, power had become fragmented. A long interregnum began in 1786, and when a king was finally enthroned he lacked any real authority.

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