Lipsius, Justus

▪ Belgian scholar
(Latin), Flemish  Joest Lips 
born Oct. 18, 1547, Overijse, near Brussels
died March 23/24, 1606, Leuven, Brabant [now in Belgium]
 Flemish humanist, classical scholar, and moral and political theorist.

      Appointed to the chair of history and philosophy at Jena in 1572, Lipsius later accepted the chair of history and law at the new University of Leiden (1578) and that of history and Latin at Leuven (Louvain [1592]). His first scholarly publication, the Variae lectiones of 1569, was in the traditional field of textual criticism. He quickly established himself as the leading editor of Latin prose texts, and his editions of Tacitus (first in 1574) and of Seneca (1605) were long renowned as models of their kind and are still worthy of attention. Lipsius was also a leader in the anti-Ciceronian stylistic movements of his time. His Latin style, terse and epigrammatic, owes a large debt to Tacitus. Force of personality and style also distinguish his vast correspondence conducted in Latin. Lipsius was noted for his antiquarian and historical studies and still more for his essays in moral and political theory. His 1604 introduction to Stoic thought remained the most intelligent and complete assessment of that philosophy for more than two centuries, although it was chiefly Roman, not Greek, Stoicism that inspired it. For him the ancient philosophers and historians were no mere subjects for research: they were guides to practical morality. He considered himself a Stoic, and his interest in Seneca lies at the root of his tract De constantia (1584). Similarly, his interest in Tacitus inspired his political theory, the Politicorum libri sex of 1589.

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