Krâvanh Mountains

▪ mountains, Cambodia
Khmer  Chuŏr Phnum Krâvanh , formerly  Cardamom Mountains , French  Chaîne Des Cardamomes 
 range of high hills in southwestern Cambodia that is situated on a southeast-northwest axis and continues westward into the highland area around Chanthaburi, Thailand. The Krâvanh Mountains extend (some discontinuously) for about 100 miles (160 km) southeast and east to the Dâmrei Mountains, reaching their highest point (5,949 feet [1,813 m]) near Poŭthĭsăt in Cambodia. Farther west, they reach 5,128 feet (1,563 m) in Tumbol Hill, just east of the Thailand border.

      Dense tropical rain forest prevails on their western slopes, which annually receive from 150 to 200 inches (3,800–5,000 mm) of rainfall; only 40 to 60 inches (1,000 to 1,500 mm) fall on the wooded eastern slopes in the rain shadow facing the interior Cambodian plain. On their slopes cardamoms and pepper have been commercially grown.

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