knee injuries

      the common afflictions of the knee, a relatively fragile joint, as it is exposed to stress in daily activities and sports.

      Tearing of cartilages or menisci (crescent-shaped disks of cartilage found between the bones) occurs when the knee receives a blow to the side while the leg is fixed in place with the foot on the ground. If the torn cartilage lodges in the joint, severe pain and locking of the knee occur, and surgery is necessary for repair. When the cartilage remains loose, the resulting pain and swelling may be treated by rest and protection alone.

      Cysts of the menisci appear as swellings at the side of the knee when it is flexed. The cause is usually unknown, though injury may be implicated in some cases. The cysts cause aching pain, and surgery is necessary to remove them.

      Tears of the ligaments, or sprains (q.v.), are serious in the knee and require surgery for proper healing. Knee sprains are common in football players and skiers and in other athletes whose knees undergo much stress.

      Tears of the tendons around the knee, as the patellar or quadriceps tendons, or fracture of the patella (kneecap) may be caused by blows to the front of the knee and produce swelling and bruising. If damage is mild, support of the joint and rest suffice for treatment; more severe injuries, however, may require surgery for repair. A common sequel to such injuries is the development of “joint mice”—loose bits of cartilage or other tissue in the joint that produce creaking or snapping sounds when the knee is bent and may cause osteoarthritis (q.v.).

      In chondromalacia patellae, an aged and worn kneecap rubs over the end of the femur (thighbone), producing clicking and creaking sounds, and ligaments may be loose. Surgery is necessary to correct knee instability and reduce damage to the joint.

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