Kerr electro-optic effect

      in physics, the inducement of double refraction of light in a transparent substance when a strong electric field is applied in a direction transverse to the beam of light. In double refraction, the index of refraction (a measure of the amount the ray is bent on entering the material), and hence the wave velocity of light vibrating in the direction of the electric field, is slightly different from the index of refraction of the vibration perpendicular to it. Optically, the substance behaves like a crystal with its optic axis parallel to the electric field. This effect was discovered in the latter part of the 19th century by a Scottish physicist, John Kerr. The same behaviour in solids is sometimes called the Pockels effect.

 The Kerr cell, also referred to as a Kerr electro-optical shutter, is a device employing the Kerr effect to interrupt a beam of light up to 1010 times per second. Linearly polarized light (light vibrating in one plane, as shown in the Figure—>) is passed through a liquid, such as nitrobenzene, contained in a cell with transparent walls. The beam of light is intercepted by another polarizer (analyzer in this case) set at 90° to the plane of polarization. When an electric potential is placed across two plates straddling the light beam at 45° with respect to the plane of polarization, the plane-polarized light is resolved into two components parallel and perpendicular to the electric field. The light beam emerges from the cell circularly polarized because the two components travel with different speeds and thus have a phase difference. Consequently, the beam will be partially transmitted by the analyzer. The Kerr cell has been employed in the photography of transient phenomena, in measuring the speed of light, and is useful in laser and communication studies.

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