Kalimantan Tengah

also called  Central Kalimantan,  

      provinsi (“province”), south-central Borneo, Indonesia, bounded by Kalimantan Barat province on the northwest, Kalimantan Timur province on the north and northeast, Kalimantan Selatan province on the southeast, and the Java Sea on the south. It has an area of 59,383 square miles (153,800 square km).

      The Schwaner Mountains and the Muller Mountains run parallel to the northwestern boundary of the province, and an offshoot of the Muller range skirts the northern boundary. Mount Raya, the highest peak in the Schwaner range, reaches 7,474 feet (2,278 m). South of these mountains is an expanse of alluvial plain that constitutes the central and southern parts of the province. The southern coastal lowlands are covered with wide swamp belts intersected by estuaries formed by the southward-flowing Kapuas, Sampit, Pembuang, Aiut, and Lamandau rivers and their tributaries. Most of the province is covered by dense tropical rain forest.

      Agriculture is the principal means of livelihood in this sparsely populated province; products include rice, resin, rattan, wild rubber, beeswax, corn (maize), cassava, sweet potatoes, peanuts (groundnuts), and soybeans. Industries are mainly small scale and include sawmilling, rice and flour milling, wood and timber processing, small-boat construction, weaving, plaiting, and beadworking. The province is economically one of the least developed in Indonesia, largely because of the extent of the southern swamps and difficulty of communication. Rivers provide limited inland transport routes as they have a great unevenness of flow and are subject to seasonal flooding. Palangkaraya, the provincial capital, and Sampit are linked by air. West of Palangkaraya are the remains of a highway to Tangkiling, built by the U.S.S.R. in 1960.

      The population consists mostly of Dayak (subdivided into Land Dayak, Ot Danum Dayak, Ngadyu Dayak, and Maanyan Dayak); there are also coastal Malay, Chinese, and immigrants from elsewhere in Indonesia. The Dayak are mostly animists, although some in less-isolated coastal regions have become either Muslims or Christians. Pop. (1989 est.) 1,268,600.

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